New Tablet?

Those of you who’ve read my Tablet PC FAQ know I own a Motion LS 800. I plan to retire it to casual home use and replace it for everyday business use. The primary reason is its performance is anemic, even with 2 GB of RAM and an SSD for a hard drive. I suspect the reason is its processor, a Pentium M ULV (ultra low voltage) 1.1 GHz. Not bad for its day, but now similarly sized tablets use the far more powerful Core 2 Duo processor.

One such tablet is the Fujitsu P1620, a succssor to the my wife’s P1510 also featured in the Tablet PC FAQ. It has the same 8+” screen size as the LS 800, though it is a convertible instead of a slate. The P1620 also has a touch screen with palm rejection technology instead of an active digitizer.  John of jkOnTheRun has ordered a P1620 which he should be receiving any day and has promised a review. I am waiting for his review before deciding whether to order the P1620.

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  • Hi Jeff, I recently just signed up for one of your online classes. Just though I would say that I have a Gateway c140x tablet, it is a convertible with a 14″ screen, C2D, and I put in a 7200rpm 200gb hard drive, and 4gb of memory (pretty pointless). It has the wacom active digitizer, and a dedicated graphics processor. I love mine and it works great. I don’t know if Gateway is making them anymore because they seem to be changing their lineup after recently being acquired by Acer. Looking forward to your class!

  • Hi Slawomir. Congrats on being the first real commenter (Mr. WordPress doesn’t count). You certainly have a loaded machine. The only concerns I’d have are (1) weight and (2) battery life. But if you’re using it primarily as a desktop replacement, it might be a very good choice. I have no real opinion on Gateway anymore. I think Motion Computing, the maker of my LS 800, used to be a Gateway company.

  • I feel privileged. 🙂

    I did primarily order it as a desktop replacement. It is a little heavy if using it for primarily its tablet features, but my battery life is pretty good. I have a modular battery that I keep in place of the optical drive when it is not in use. My 7200rpm takes up a lot of the battery. With C++ running, some music, and in “performance” mode in vista. I am getting an estimated 5 hours. I personally wouldn’t buy a a Gateway again, even though I am VERY satisfied with mine. Many other gateway owners are experiencing overheating problems. Good luck picking your choice.

  • Heat is a problem, particularly on the smaller tablets. The LS 800 can become very hot to the touch, or even shut down due to overheating. My search for its replacement has become more complicated, as reported in my subsequent post, New Tablet, Part 2.

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