New Motion Tablet?

Rob at GottaBeMobile just posted regarding Motion Computing, the maker of my LS800, coming out with a new Tablet PC. John of Alltp also has thrown out some visual hints here and here. Someone named Anonymous (perhaps from the Tablet PC Witness Protection Program) also has been throwing out some hints in this thread, though it’s not clear yet if he (she?) is for real or instead has just decided to join Rob and John in torturing us. My guess is Anonymous is for real and enjoys torturing us.

Rob and John even have had the chance to play with this new Motion tablet. However, they can’t tell us much. NDA I guess. Darn lawyers! Ooops, I forgot, I’m a lawyer.

What do we know? Not much. But here are some educated guesses:

  • Very likely: It’s a slate. After all, Motion makes slates, not convertibles.
  • Also very likely: It’s a 10+" screen. Rob has thrown out the crumb "it is a little larger than the LS800." John tells us "It is bigger than this: [picture of LS800] But smaller than this: [picture of LE1700]." 10+" is not a common size, but it also is the size of Motion’s new and popular C5.
  • Quite likely: It’s ruggedized. Lots of hints on that.
  • Maybe: It’s in the 2+ pound range. Though it depends how much the burgers on John’s post weigh. Also the C5 is 3.3 pounds.
  • Dunno: The $64 question: What is its multi-touch capability?

There have been no hints in the teasers from Rob, John and Anonymous about multi-touch. But in Rob’s interview of Motion’s CEO at the CES in Las Vegas last month, hints were dropped that Motion planned to use capacitive touch in the near future notwithstanding its abortive attempt at multi-touch with the LE1700.  Also, without dual active digitizer and touch support, the new device is just a C5 clone for a different line of business. Though in this regard Rob says "this Tablet PC is targeted to a vertical space ( ie – not a consumer or broad business line product )…." I assume this means that this device is targeted to an industry like real estate or legal, much like the C5 is targeted to the medical profession. But is it merely a C5 clone? Hard to believe Motion wouldn’t take a bigger step with a new model, notwithstanding the success of the C5.

No firm word of when there will be a formal announcement, but my guess is in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve decided to hold off on buying the Fujitsu P1620 until I know the details of this new Motion device. No firm word of when there will be a formal announcement, but my guess is soon (e.g., the next few weeks).

2 Responses to “New Motion Tablet?”

  • Genghis: Go ahead and buy the P1620. The F5 wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

  • For the other readers (if any) of this blog, F5 is the speculated code name for the new Motion tablet in the GottaBeMobile Forums thread in which Anonymous is providing clues. Perhaps SS would favor us with some further explanation of why the F5 wouldn’t be a good fit for me (other than it’s too good for me)?

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