Fujitsu P1620

James of jkOnTheRun has posted his initial and ongoing thoughts on the Fujitsu P1620. Additionally, Sean on the GottaBeMobile forums has posted his review. Their evaluations are quite favorable.

Their thoughts can be divided into two categories, the screen and performance. I’m not discussing in any depth issues such as the size of the screen and keyboard as they’re mostly dictated by the 8+" form factor. All I’ll say is that the reports on the keyboard are favorable, though of course you wouldn’t want to type War and Peace on it.

The P1620 is a touch screen. Therefore, the inking experience won’t be as smooth as with an active digitizer. Nevertheless, both James and Sean report that the inking still is quite good. Using the touch screen with your fingers requires a hard touch. One of the posts suggests this could be because of the palm rejection technology that prevents vectoring while inking.

My take: A touch screen has inherent limitations and issues vs. an active digitizer. The P1620’s implementation of a touch screen is excellent, but it’s still a touch screen. I still wish for the best of both worlds (support for both an active digitizer and a touch screen), but that’s probably still some months away, at least in this 8+" size. The P1620 having only a touch screen wouldn’t prevent me from buying it.

The screen on the P1610 had been criticized (justly or unjustly) for being dim and difficult to read at angles. This thread suggests the brightness is OK though not dazzling, and the viewing at different angles also is OK, though again not without issues.

My take:  The screen on my wife’s P1510 may not be the most vivid, but it is bright enough. Screen readability outdoors or at angles always is an issue. I’m curious to see further reports on screen brightness and viewing angles.

The Core 2 Duo processor performs much better than the Core Solo model in the previous (P1510 and P1610) models. However, James wishes that the P1620 used the newer Intel 965M graphic chipset rather than the older 945M. He believes that this could make a difference on Vista since that OS is so graphically intensive.

My take: I haven’t seen any benchmarks. Pending that, I suspect that the lack of an updated graphics chipset is not a show stopper. The lack of a Core 2 Duo processor would have been for me.

I’m sure there will be more reviews soon. But the P1620 does sound like a very promising device for its form factor of 8+" and a convertible.