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I just learned of the LG P100. It’s a refresh of the LG C1, which I also didn’t know about. LG for whatever reason doesn’t market its laptop/tablets in the U.S. Let’s compare the P100 to the Fujitsu P1620 that I’m thinking of buying. The data is from P100 Specs and P1620 Specs. I hope this table is 100% accurate, but please comment with corrections, additions, etc.

Item P100 P1620
Processor U7700 U7600
RAM 2 x 2 GB 1 x 2 GB
Graphics Chipset 965PM 945GMS
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400G None
Screen Size 10.6" 8.9”
Screen Resolution WXGA(1280×768) WXGA(1280×768)
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Active Digitizer No No
Weight (lbs) 2.8 2.2
10.67 x 8.1 x 1.06 9.13 x 6.57 x 1.36
PC Card Slot No (CF instead) Yes

Bottom line: The P100 looks like an interesting device. With the larger (10.6" vs. 8.9") screen, it’s still under 3 lbs, and even thinner than the P1620. I’m not sure if the processor difference is meaningful. However, the 965 graphic chipset and dedicated video card likely is, not just if you’re a gamer, but also because of Vista’s heavy demands on the graphics subsystem. However, one negative is it lacks a PC Card slot which I would use for data connections. Also, as this thread indicates, it may be difficult to get outside of Korea and Japan. And even if you could get it, support might be an issue. I don’t see the P100 (or its C1 predecessor) offered even by a U.S. based "gray market" importer like Dynamism. Finally, the C1’s battery life has been criticized, and I don’t see this issue addressed in the P100. So while the P100 is an interesting device, it probably isn’t for me.

Other Resources

There is not a lot of information out yet on the P100 since it’s so new. However, the information on its C! predecessor may be helpful since the two units are quite similar:

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GBM forum thread comparing C1 and P1610
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