New – Motion F5

The speculated new Motion tablet, the F5, is official. For details, see the Motion F5 product page and this GBM InkShow. The F5 is a slightly improved C5 clone for mobile field workers. No great technological leaps. Core Solo processor instead of a Core 2 Duo. 945 rather than 965 graphics chipset. No PC card or ExpressCard slot. It’s an active digitizer only; no multi-touch. It does have WWAN plus some features such as an integrated barcode scanner that may be great for its target market. But for me, and I suspect most consumers, the F5 is underwhelming as well as pricey. But then again, the F5 was not made for us. Indeed, with Motion designating the LS800 at end of life, and with no plans to replace it, Motion has made a business decision that targeted vertical markets are more profitable. Motion may well be right, but for me, it’s sad to lose a good choice.

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