Gotta be mobile!

GottaBeMobile is one of my two favorite sites (the other is jkOnTheRun). Indeed, when GottaBeMobile was down a few days ago (a very rare occurrence), I went through TPCIW (Tablet PC Information Withdrawal).

Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile kindly (mercifully?) mentioned this blog to his readers: Blogs to Watch: Mobile Barbarian. It’s getting real lonely here. The main visitors so far have been spammers (never name a post Size Matters) and placements from the Witness Protection Program (since no one will ever find them here). Perhaps now we can have more lively discussions!

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  • I discovered your site through that GottaBeMobile post. I’m relatively new to using a tablet on a regular basis, having gotten a fully loaded Latitude XT for testing in January. Its been my main PC since. I’m still learning and sites like yours are proving very helpful.

    I have worked with tablets on occasion over the years, but only for brief demos or tests. This is my first “immersive experience” with one.

    I’m much more grounded in “traditional PCs,” having been in the business since 1977 (it takes explaining). To provide my true cred in this domain I have, and still use on ocassion, a TRS-80 model 100!

    I definitely have my own ideas about THE device I’m truly waiting on. The closest analogy to my “holy tablet” is the PADD from ST:TNG. With the new Atom and MID devices, combined with some of the potential of ultra low power mesh networks, I might actually see that in my lifetime.

    In the meantime this Latitude XT is a really good compromise given current tech and my needs.

  • Welcome Joshua! Since the PADD is your dream device, you probably recognize my avatar on GBM forums; a Gorn from ST. Speaking of the GBM forums, Steve S currently is posting in the Dell section on the XT. The XT is an impressive device, really the only one so far to implement capacitive touch. Apart from its expense, my only concern is its size and weight while holding it in slate mode. But this may be a non-issue for you if you would have it resting on the table when using it in slate mode.

  • Thanks for the blog!I teach humanities at a community college. I’d love to hear your thoughts on using a TPC in the classroom. I do some annotated Power Points, projecting & marking up documents, demonstrating web sources that sort of thing. I would love to see my students using tablets in the classroom, but haven’t seen any yet.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Sharon. Back from a long evening of teaching. I may blog later on TPC in the classroom. But there are many sources more knowledgeable than me on that subject. Email me off-line and we’ll talk further.

  • Hell yeah! This post sounds really good. Reading your blog is useful and interesting. Keep it that way.

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