The Unfriendly Skies and the Tablet PC

inflightlaptopstand I just flew Delta back and forth between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Their Boeing 767 has plenty of room in economy class … if you’re about 4′ 6" and 70 pounds. I’m 6 feet tall and … let’s just say 200 lbs would be nice. But what do my height and gravitational mass have to do with this blog? Well, my fellow sufferers passengers were trying to use their 14" and up laptops. Mission Impossible. Even with six-pack abs, there would be barely enough space in front of your stomach for the laptop base. To make matters worse, the screen would be knocked forward of the viewing angle if the passenger in front of them tilted their seat back. But I just held my LS800 like I was reading a newspaper or paperback book and used my stylus for input. No problem.

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  • I couldn’t agree more. I’m on planes at least twice a week and my IBM clunker never leaves my bag under the seat but my very mobile Q1 is fabulous on even a cramped plane.


  • I use a Fujitsu P1610 on surveillance all the time. A laptop would be cramped. The Fujitsu in tablet mode is great. I can take handwritten notes directly into onenote, write reports, or do internet research of the subject I am following all with the pen. I tried an LS800 and really liked it, except for the heat issue. As you can imagine a computer with out a fan, in a hot surveillance vehicle didn’t work to well.

  • Mark, JK on JKOnTheRun is very high on the Q1. The Q1 Ultra Premium is no longer a budget UMPC but a full-fledged Tablet PC.

    Mr. Sting, great name for someone who does surveillance! I agree that the LS800 does run hot. So hot that in early BIOS versions it turned itself off. But the manufacturers have improved in dissipating heat. I’m pleased to hear your positive report on the P1610. Makes me look forward all the more to my soon to come P1620.

    Bottom line is the smaller form factor has definite advantages!

  • I have TOO MUCH experience with this. I have been on planes 1-2 times a week for over 10 years. My first tablet was a huge breakthrough for me on airplanes. Just rotate to slate mode and I’m all set. My new p1620 is simply awesome for travel. I think its about the perfect set up for travel. …oh and on those grey plastic trays in the security line, I can now fit my fuji and my shoes in the same tray. How good is that? 🙂

  • Hi jc. I didn’t know TSA allowed anything besides your laptop in your tray! Incidentally, I have had problems with my spare stylus. Sometimes TSA thinks it’s a weapon, I guess because of the shape and seemingly sharp point. I’ve always been able to explain and demonstrate that it’s a legitimate input device. Perhaps as Tablet PCs become more common, this will be less of an issue.

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