Dell Latitude XT Review on GBM

dell-latitude-xt-440 Steve Seto, known as Steve S to those of us who hang out on the GottaBeMobile forums, has posted on GBM an excellent review of the Dell Latitude XT. I can’t do this review justice in a short blog post; you just have to read it. But here’s my brief take.

The Latitude XT is a one of a kind machine, for now anyway, supporting capacitive touch. It isn’t cheap. Steve’s fully-loaded model is about $4K. However, when you compare its fully-loaded competitors that lack capacitive touch, the premium is not as huge as I first thought.

Steve raves about Dell’s oft-maligned customer service. That’s good to hear. Regarding Dell’s also oft-maligned tech support, Steve bought the premium package. Wise decision. As a network administrator in charge of a couple dozen Dell Optiplex’s, I’ve had wonderful experience with Dell’s Gold Tech Support. We’ve all read the horror stories of Dell customers who wait hours on hold only to talk to clueless script readers from foreign lands. However, I’ve never waited more than a few minutes, after which I spoke to someone knowledgeable who within minutes agreed to dispatch someone to my office the next day with the necessary hardware and knowledge to install it properly.

Back to the device, while its components are premium for the most part, I was very surprised to read that the SD reader did not support SDHC. I wonder if this is a Vista driver issue, or the SD reader really won’t support SDHC. If the latter, it’s a surprising omission for such a premium device.

Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile promises to post his own XT review after he gets his XT in a few days. It will be interesting to compare his take to Steve’s.

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