GBM Interview with N-Trig

Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile has posted his long-awaited interview with an executive of N-Trig, the manufacturer of the capacitive touch screen on the Dell Latitude XT which Rob is about to receive! He’s also posted his further thoughts on that interview.

The interview and Rob’s take make very interesting reading. I’ll summarize my take here on only one aspect of the interview — there are many other interesting aspects — what the future in the next year or so holds for other Tablet PCs using capacitive touch. No real surprises, but it’s nice to get confirmation from the source:

  • 12″ – Look for other manufacturers using capacitive touch screens, as well as Dell with other models.
  • 8+” – You will have a longer wait for devices such as my soon-to-arrive Fujitsu P1620, but it likely will happen.
  • UMPCs – Maybe. I wonder though, since the raison d’être of the UMPCs is low cost, and a capacitive touch screen won’t be cheap.
  • < 7″ – You probably won’t see capacitive touch screens in devices smaller than 7″, like the 5″ OQO model 02.

The interview also has an interesting interactive feature. Rob had invited his readers to post questions — I didn’t because other readers covered my questions — and had a number of them answered. There apparently is more to come, as the post closes: “We are working on additional questions from readers that needed some more research.” Rob also states “we’re planning a special podcast to discuss these items in more depth.” But there is a lot of interesting information even now, so go over to GottaBeMobile and check out the interview, as well as stay tuned for more!

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