BlackBerry 9000

blackberry-9000-itw-12 The BlackBerry 8700c is my second mobile phone (the HTC Touch Cruise being my main squeeze). Well, the Touch Cruise may have some competition soon; the BlackBerry 9000. Engadget Mobile has some pictures, one of which is the source for the picture on the left, and the Boy Genius Report has some first impressions.

Engadget Mobile’s take is that the 9000 is more evolutionary than revolutionary. This seems true from the standpoint of physical appearance. I was hoping for no keyboard because that would permit a larger screen easier for my older eyes to read. I was also hoping for a touch screen. But I can’t blame RIM for following the adage of “why fix what ain’t broke?”

By contrast, the changes under the hood are substantial. Per BGR, the 9000 will be powerful with a 624 MHz processor. Internal memory either 128 MB or 256 MB. I suspect the latter given the power of this device, though 128 MB is OK. Great connectivity: HSPDA, WiFi and GPS! Of course, all that power comes at a battery longevity price, as I’ve learned with my Touch Cruise. Indeed, per BGR, battery life may be what is delaying the long awaited release of this device.

CrackBerry addicts (like me) have been waiting a long time for the 9000. Our wait isn’t over. The ETA guesstimate is Q2 (which does start tomorrow!) or Q3. BGR speaks of an AT&T release date of June 18. Stay tuned!

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