Using vLite to put Vista SP1 on a Diet!

stuffed Sorry I’ve been AWOL. I finally received my Fujitsu P1620 and have been very busy since. Here’s why. I ordered my P1620 with a 32GB solid state disk (SSD) because SSDs promise longer battery life, faster boot up time, speedier performance and lesser risk of failure than a HDD. I also chose Vista over XP Tablet PC edition because I believe Vista has better tablet support. However, Vista, particularly with SP1, takes up over 10GB, and my C drive has only 28GB (there is a separate recovery partition). So I wanted to try to slim down Vista using the well-known vLite. Eventually I was successful. vLite halved my Vista SP1 install from about 10GB to about 5GB! This saved almost 18% of the available space on the C drive. And I wasn’t all that aggressive about slimming Vista down; if I really wanted to, I could have saved even more space. But it was not easy. Since I have received a lot of help on forums and from articles on the Internet, I thought I’d return the favor, and have published this tutorial, Creating a vLite SP1 Install in 32,767 Easy Steps. I hope you find it useful. If you have any comments or corrections, please post a comment here.

4 Responses to “Using vLite to put Vista SP1 on a Diet!”

  • would installing using Vlite allow Vista to update for future service packs?

  • Stephen, I don’t believe so. Rather, the hope is that by SP2 there will be a version of vLite that permits slipstreaming of SP2 just as there now is a version of vLite that permits slipstreaming of SP1. Alternatively, by that future date, SSDs will be inexpensive enough that a 64GB or (dare I hope) larger will be available so I won’t “need” vLite to save space and if necessary I can just reinstall “regular” Vista. But now with only 32GB available on my SSD, vLite makes the difference between having about 11GB left vs only 5GB.

  • Love the advice. Thank you.

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