Inking Not Working in Office 2007 with Vista (SP1?) – Part 1

I can ink in my Fujitsu P1620 everywhere but Microsoft Office 2007. In other words, I can ink fine in OneNote, EverNote, PDF Annotator, InkSeine, etc. However, I can’t ink directly in Word 2007 or other Office 2007 applications such as Outlook.

The way it is supposed to work in Word 2007 (and most other Office 2007 applications) is you click the Review menu. This displays the Start Inking button at the far right if your device is recognized as a Tablet PC.

Word2007 SS2

The Start Inking button does display on my P1620. So far so good. Next, clicking the Start Inking button is supposed to display the Pens ribbon shown here.

Word2007 SS3

But no Pens ribbon displays. I also can’t ink directly in Word like this.

Word2007 SS4 OfficeHandwriting

No dice. I can ink in Word only indirectly. The Tablet PC Input Panel (TIP) displays. I write in it. It converts my handwriting to text and inserts it into Word. Same applies to Outlook.

Back to the Pens toolbar, I can add the Pens ribbon buttons to the Quick Access toolbar per Outlook Tip: Add Pen Options to Quick Access Toolbar. However, clicking them has no effect.

This is not a vLite problem. My wife also owns a Fujitsu P1620. Her installation of Vista and Office 2007 was plain vanilla. Yet, the same inability to ink directly in Office 2007 exists.

At least I’m not alone. This is a very well known and widespread problem. If you go to the Microsoft Discussion Groups homepage,  enter Inking in Search for, and Office in In, you can see a lot of threads on this issue. There are numerous reports that, in Word 2007 with a Vista OS, you can’t directly ink. Instead, a Tablet Input Panel displays in which you can ink. That is exactly the situation on both of my P1620s.

This problem appears to be related to Vista. In addition to the posts on the Microsoft Discussion Groups mentioned above, on my Fujitsu P1510, which is 2 generations older than my P1620, I can ink directly into Word 2007. The only difference is the P1510’s operating system is XP, not Vista. What I don’t know is whether it is a Vista problem or a Vista SP1 problem. It may well be a Vista SP1 problem since JK of JKOnTheRun tells me inking works fine in Office 2007 on his P1620 with Vista but without Vista SP1.

This Part 1 describes the problem. In the forthcoming Part 2, I’ll discuss my attempts to resolve this problem.