BlackBerry 9000 – Almost Here? has an excellent 4 part review of the BlackBerry 9000 (from where the picture on the right comes from), which the Boy Genius tells us is being announced on May 12 at WES in Orlando, FL.

I previously blogged about the 9000. That prior post still seems mostly accurate. However, the CrackBerry review mentions one additional item; the display is dazzling.

Am I going to get the 9000? Do bears sleep in the woods? Of course I am! But not yet. Being announced is not the same as being available. Perhaps an ETA will be announced on May 12. For now, my guess is 2 months. Which won’t pass too soon for me!

Update: RIM now has a website on the 9000, called the BlackBerry Bold. RIM’s press release states the device “is scheduled to be available from wireless carriers around the world beginning this summer.” Summer begins June 21, right?