Why Vista?

winvista_beta1_logo Allegiance Technology Partners (aka AllTP) is one of my favorite Tablet PC vendors. AllTP’s owner, John Hill, has a blog which goes beyond trying to sell AllTP’s products (not that you could blame him) to actually addressing topics of interest to Tablet PC owners from John’s unique perspective as one of the major sellers of Tablet PCs to different industry segments.

John had previously written in the Vista beta days Who gives a rat’s patoot about Vista? that:

“[A]nyone with experience using Microsoft products knows that only a fool walks the bleeding edge of their products without waiting for a Service Pack release.”

Fool? I resemble that remark! But anyway, fast forwarding in time, now that Vista Service Pack 1 is out, John has written An improved Windows Vista experience is on the way. In that article, he makes the case for why you should use Vista rather than XP Tablet PC edition for your Tablet PC OS. Basically, Vista offers much better handwriting and pen support, with voice recognition being an added bonus.

I agree with John, and have put my money where my mouth is, buying Tablet PCs with a Vista OS (one from John by the way). Whether Vista is the best choice for non Tablet PCs is a subject for legitimate debate. But for Tablet PC features, Vista seems the superior choice.  Of course, my opinion and a dime will get you a cup of coffee.

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