PDF Annotator 2 – Coming June 10?

boxshot_smI often write notes directly in PDF files. This is very useful for me. In business meetings, it reminds me of questions or issues. In teaching, I can highlight issues important for my students to learn.

Since I use a Tablet PC, I don’t want to be limited to typed notes. I want to be able to write notes.

I use PDF Annotator to do this. GottaBeMobile has an InkShow about version 1 and an article about the version 2 beta.

I bought version 1. Being a “bleeding edge” guy, I installed the version 2 beta. The PDF Annotator website originally stated that the beta expired on May 31, 2008, by when presumably the official version would be available. However, May 31 came and went, with no indication of the official version 2 being available. Interestingly, my beta still worked after May 31.

The May 31 date has now changed to June 10. Now the website says: “This pre-release version will stop working after June 10, 2008!” Not sure if betas downloaded when the May 31 deadline was in effect get this 10 day reprieve or if you have to re-download. Maybe, based on my beta still working after May 31, it doesn’t matter. Confusing.

PDF Annotator isn’t free of course. One possible free alternative is Jarmal, an open-source application. It claims: “Why is this program better than PDF Annotator? Because it does for free everything PDF Annotator does and much more: cross-platform support; the ability to enter text from the keyboard; combine pdf documents and rearrange pages; the ability to annotate faxes and other non-pdf documents – to name a few.” I haven’t played with Jarmal so I can’t comment on this claim.

Anyway, perhaps PDF Annotator 2 will be available in a couple of days? I’ll keep checking out the PDF Annotator website in my version of “are we there yet?” When I see it, you’ll be the first to know; though maybe I’ll download it first!

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