BlackBerry Thunder

thundersmallBoyGenius has just posted pictures (one being on the left) of another upcoming BlackBerry, the Thunder. I’ve previously posted on the BlackBerry 9000 aka Bold, which should be available next month. Unlike the Bold, and indeed unlike any BlackBerry before it, the Thunder is a touch screen with no keyboard.

I’m intrigued. I’m used to Windows Mobile devices that are touch screen with no keyboard. No keyboard means a larger (and for me more readable) screen without increasing the phone’s form factor. (There may be yet another model, the Storm, which would be similar to the Thunder, but have a slide-out keyboard).

Alas, I’m an AT&T Wireless customer, and Verizon will be the first (and perhaps exclusive) adopter of the Thunder. This is yet another surprise. Usually Verizon lags behind AT&T and T-Mobile in adopting new BlackBerry models.

Not much information available about the Thunder beyond the touch screen, no keyboard and the pictures on BoyGenius’ post. But more information should be available soon, as supposedly this device will be released in the 3rd quarter.

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