Firefox 3 Available!

firefoxjkOnTheRun and GottaBeMobile have posted on the release today of Mozilla Firefox 3 and Mozilla’s attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most downloads of a software in a 24 hour period. I couldn’t wait for version 3 to be available on the official download site so I installed version 3 from the FTP link kindly furnished in the jkOnTheRun post.

I initially thought I jumped the gun. The Welcome page which displays after installation completes refers to a Firefox Release Candidate, and the title bar of that page says “Release Candidate 3.” However, Help > About doesn’t say anything about a release candidate, just version 3.0. But this is explained here.

The install program checked my add-ons, which of course were installed with version 2.x. It noted one was not compatible with version 3, and found and offered to install a new version of the add-on that was compatible. Nice feature.

Speaking of add-ins, GottaBeMobile has a post Favorite Firefox Add-Ons. I will be using it as a reference to determine which add-ons I will be installing with version 3.

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