Firefox 3 Add-Ons

firefox Now that Firefox 3 is available, it’s time to install add-ons. Add-ons add on (duh) features to Firefox. Seriously, add-ons permits Firefox to be a fairly minimal browser, avoiding software bloat (think IE), yet be extensible and allow users to add the features they want. More on those features in a moment.

Since Firefox 3 is so new, you can’t use a number of add-ons since they are not yet compatible with Firefox 3. Fortunately, Firefox 3 will not let you install an incompatible add-on. Firefox 3 also will disable existing add-ons (ported over from your upgrade from version 2) which are not compatible with version 3, though first it will search for updates that would make the add-on compatible.

The Firefox Add-Ons site enables you to search for add-ons based on their name, functionality and so forth. This site also tells you which add-ons are compatible with version 3. But still, “so many add-ons, so little time.” My wife tells me this saying is safer (for me) than “so many women, so little time.” But I digress.

I used GottaBeMobile‘s post Favorite Firefox Add-Ons as my primary reference to identify which add-ons I might find useful. I’ll start the ball rolling by listing in the following table some add-ons I’ve installed so far. The name of the add-on also is a hyperlink to the page on the Firefox Add-Ons site (or the developer’s site) since I’ve found that the search feature on the Firefox Add-Ons site doesn’t always seem to find the add-on even when you type in the exact name of the add-on!

Adblock Plus Blocks those annoying ads and banners.
All-in-One Gestures Use gestures instead of browser buttons for commands. Sort of like Pen Flicks. Version 0.19 is FF3 compatible.
Ctrl-Tab Enhances Ctrl + Tab navigation
DragDropUpload Drop files into attachment boxes instead of having to browse for them or type in the filename.
FireFTP An integrated FTP client.
Forecastbar Enhanced Get your weather report! Some report less issues with the more basic Forecastfox.
Gesso Enables the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) within FF on a Tablet PC. Still a bit of a beta. See also GeckoTIP.
Grab and Drag Enables grab and drag scrolling.
IE Tab Enables opening IE in FF (e.g., if Active X controls involved).
Image Zoom Permits zooming of images.
NoScript JavaScript, Java and other executable content may only run from sites you trust.
PDF Download Manages downloads of PDF files that too often crash your browser.
QuickPageZoom Adds + and – icons so you can zoom in or out using your pen or finger. Need to log in to obtain.

I also have the Google Toolbar for Firefox. The version is 3.1.20080605W. I can’t easily find a link to download it. (I didn’t have to since FF3 updated my prior version). The Google Toolbar for Firefox site refers to “FF 1.5+” so I’m not 100% positive this is the right place. There also are other Google FF add-ons for GMail, Google Reader, Google Notebook and so forth that I haven’t yet explored.

Please post a comment on your favorite add-ons that work with FF3! I’ll update the table based on your suggestions + my further discoveries.

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