HTC Advantage x7510 Available$$$

prev_HTC_X7510_1_largeI blogged recently My Advantage is Back! about my getting back my HTC Advantage x7500 from my wife in return for giving her my HTC Touch Cruise. I mentioned then a newer model of the Advantage, the x7510, but that due to legal issues, it probably would not be sold in the U.S, except through importers.

That has now come to pass. jkOnTheRun’s post New HTC Advantage arriving at importers soon tells us the x7510 will be available through the usual importers such as Dynamism and On The Go Solutions. However, JK tells us the price will be $1300. JK exaggerates. Per Pocketables, the price will be less: $1299. As JK says, “OUCH!”

My x7500 (which as I recall cost me about $900) isn’t going anywhere; the x7510 doesn’t seem to be enough of an upgrade to justify buying it and dumping the x7500 on eBay. According to this excellent Mobile Gadgeteer review, the significant changes are:

  1. A 16GB flash drive rather than an 8 GB micro-drive. My comment: Nice, but not a several hundred dollars worth difference so far.
  2. A different keyboard. My comment: A non-starter, especially since the jury is still out whether the different keyboard really is much of an improvement.
  3. Window Mobile 6.1. My comment: A non-issue. I’ve already installed a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM courtesy of xda-developers.

I’m sure someone in the U.S. will buy the x7510 rather than spend several hundred dollars less for the x7501. But I’m not going to spend $1300 $1299 for an x7510 when I already have a perfectly good x7500. Right? Right?

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