BlackBerry Bold or Thunder? Thunder or Bold?

I’ve blogged already on two upcoming Blackberries, the Bold and the Thunder. I like the Thunder’s larger screen (for my old eyes). While it is BlackBerry heresy, I also like the Thunder’s touch screen, probably because of all the Windows Mobile devices I’ve used. However, I’m indentured to AT&T, and the Thunder will be exclusive to Verizon, while the Bold will be distributed by AT&T. Also, it appears that the Bold would be available several months before the Thunder. That’s a lifetime for us bleeding-edge adopters.

Well, it may be that the Thunder might be available first. Per this CrackBerry article, AT&T’s release of the Bold may be delayed. But what CrackBerry takes away, it also giveth. Per this CrackBerry article, the Thunder may be available this Summer (which starts tomorrow after all).

My guess — and that’s exactly what it is — is that the Bold still will be available first, and probably in July. Partly that’s based on the CrackBerry articles BlackBerry Bold Appears on Vodafone Website and BlackBerry Bold Coming to Rogers in June? (see update re July 17). But I dunno. Stay tuned.

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