ritePen Discount Courtesy of GBM

ritepenThe good folks at GottaBeMobile (or GBM for us in the in crowd) have arranged a discount for its readers (which includes me so it’s not an exclusive group)

RitePen version 3 has just been released. RitePen is very useful for Tablet PC users. You can write anywhere on the screen have your handwriting converted to text and inserted in the active Windows application. That application does not necessarily have to be ink-enabled, like Office 2007. RitePen works just fine with Notepad! Additionally, RitePen says that its handwriting conversion accuracy exceeds Vista’s!

ritePen Discount Just for GBM Readers announces that GBM readers can get RitePen 3 for $19.95 – about 33% off the normal $29.95! This offer expires July 19 and you must use the link in the GBM article to purchase it. So go to ritePen Discount Just for GBM Readers and click the link to get the discount. I’m not posting the link here to make sure that GBM gets the credit for their purchase. However, I have put my money where my mouth is. I’ve already clicked the link and am using RitePen 3 on my Fuji P1620.

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