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googlesync-installed1My recent post Firefox 3 Add-Ons did not list any add-on for synchronizing bookmarks (favorites in IE) among your computers. Such a utility is very useful for someone like me who uses multiple computers in a given day.

Google Brower Sync was an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers. But the operative word is was.

Lifehacker broke the news recently in Google Browser Sync Discontinued, No Firefox 3 Support (from which the picture was taken) that Google Brower Sync would not be updated for Firefox 3. Further, support for Firefox 2 would be discontinued at the end of 2008. Indeed, the Google Brower Sync download page now states: “Google Browser Sync is no longer available for download.”

So what are your alternatives? The Google in the Lifehacker article reported that Google support suggested the following alternatives:

Which is better? Hard to say. One reason is Weave is a moving target. Weave currently is a beta, if not an alpha, version 0.1.32 as of June 26. However, Weave Status Update reports that version 0.2 should be available on June 20. Of course, June 20 has come and gone, but version 0.2 apparently is imminent. July 1 update: Version 2.0 is now available. See Mozilla Weave 0.2.0 arrives, mo’ better synching of browsing data.

Currently Foxmarks just syncs bookmarks (though this may change), whereas Weave syncs not only bookmarks, but also cookies, passwords and other data. However, Foxmarks is more stable; Weave likely will be a beta for while longer. Indeed, currently you can’t sign up for the Weave beta, likely because Weave is putting the finishing touches on version 0.2. So for now I am going with Foxmarks. But since Weave is created by the same Mozilla folks that created Firefox, I wonder if, one Weave matures, Foxmarks will go the same way as the dinosaurs and Google Browser Sync.

My Firefox 3 Add-Ons posts mentioned the Google Toolbar for Firefox, but as a toolbar for search features, not for syncing bookmarks. I don’t have much to say about it here because I haven’t tried it yet for syncing bookmarks. Apparently you can though. There is an option (under Options naturally) where you can choose to sync bookmarks on other computers that have the toolbar using your Google account.

I’d like to learn from you. Which tool do you use to sync bookmarks or other data across your computers? What do you think of it? What made you choose it instead of the alternatives?

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  • I’ve used for all of my bookmarks for several years now. The ability to tag them is essential when you start getting a large collection together, and you can add a button on your links toolbar that will automatically add the current page to your bookmarks.

    With this, I used foxylicious (, which automatically synched FF bookmarks to your bookmarks. However, it doesn’t seem compatible with 3.0 (at least not officially, if you install the “Nightly Tester Tools” add-on you can force-install with one click and find out for sure).

    There is a delicious add-on as well that might be worth checking out here: I have not tried it but it’s compatible with 3.0 and looks promising.

  • Hi HotDogWater! I’ve heard a lot about delicious (as I ignorantly call it) but never have used it. Maybe I should.

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