GottaBeMobile Love

gbmGottaBeMobile is one of my very favorite sites for mobile news, and GBM’s Editor-in-Chief, Rob Bushway, is one of the all time nice guys. GBM and Rob have very kind to this blog, publicizing it several times on GBM.

The kindness continues. GBM’s post Thanks, Jeff Kent! recognizes my dubious contributions in the GBM forums as well as this blog.

Check out the GBM forums. You’ll see me (named GenghisKhent naturally) hanging out in the Fujitsu forum (because of my P1620), and lurking (and sporadically contributing) in the Dell, HP, OQO and other forums.

What I truly like about the GBM forums are the people are knowledgeable and helpful and there is no flaming. I guess Rob’s niceness has rubbed off on the rest of us GBM’ers.

So if you’re not a member, join the GBM forums. You won’t be rejected. After all, they accepted me.

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