Coming next … the Dell Latitude XT

dell-latitude-xt-440 I posted Dell Latitude XT Review on GBM about 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve drooled (virtually of course) over the XT.

The XT’s 12.1″ form factor is one of the two I find optimum (see Size matters). The other is 8+”. I already have two 8+’ tablets, the Motion LS800 and the Fujitsu P1620. Since my Size matters post, my college issued me a 12.1″ Tablet PC, the HP 2710p. However, the college justifiably requires that I use the HP 2710p for college purposes only. That still leaves me without a 12.1″ tablet for my other career hat(s). (Why I think I need a 12.1″ tablet in addition to an 8+” tablet is a subject for another day and post).

Of course, there are several other fine 12.1″ tablets. Why the XT in particular? Well, my primary reason for lusting (geek-wise) after the XT is it’s a one of a kind machine, for now anyway, supporting capacitive touch. In short, the XT enables the best of both worlds, an active digitizer and touch.

What held me back was the XT was pricey, over $3,000. It’s still pricey, though the price has gone down several hundred dollars. Then, I saw in my favorite hangout, the GottaBeMobile forum, the thread Dell Outlet Refurbs. Basically, you can buy a refurbished XT for about half the price of a new one, and for all intents and purposes the refurbished XT is as good as new. After my usual dithering, I finally went for it, and ordered the XT. You can read the specs in this post.

My other reason for buying a refurbished unit is the XT won’t always be the latest and greatest. The XT is not a brand new device. It already has been out for about 6 months, which can be a long time when major changes in technology occur in a matter of a few months. Indeed, the XT2 may be available the end of 2008. Who knows which other capacitive touch devices may also be available later this year? With a refurbished unit, my investment is reduced.

Depending which Dell ship date to believe, I still have a few days to a couple of weeks before I receive the XT. In the meantime, I started another thread, Accessorizing my XT, to figure out what accessories I should buy for the XT, in addition to extra RAM. Read the answers I got on the Accessorizing my XT thread and you can see the wealth of experience and expertise that can be yours for the asking on the GottaBeMobile forum. Of course, I give back, mostly from my treasure trove of recycled, stale jokes (so the forum members know what my students have to undergo).

Of course, more on the XT once I receive it and put it through its paces!

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