BlackBerry Bold and Thunder Update

boldthunder The redoubtable BoyGenius Report (the source of the picture and usually referred to as BGR) has been a wealth of information on the two main upcoming Berries, the Bold and the Thunder, between which I’ve been dithering (BlackBerry Bold or Thunder? Thunder or Bold?), especially given the delay in the Bold (BlackBerry Bold Delayed 🙁).

BGR’s excellent review of the Bold is a must read for anyone thinking about purchasing the Bold when at long last it becomes available. BGR is generally enthusiastic about the Bold. However, issues remain. These issues are solvable, but will take time. Which means … more delay.

BGR just posted an update on the release of both devices. Regarding the Bold:

“We’ve been told that the Bold might have been pushed back yet again. What’s the whispered launch month now? September for a lot of carriers. … It looks like there are still some problems with the radio code that have to do with network roaming, searching, etc.”

And the Thunder:

“Here are the most confirmed Thunder dates: a huge marketing push in the U.S. starting in September, and device release in mid-October on Verizon. We said November because we were betting on a couple week delay which, knowing RIM, certainly wouldn’t be out of the question. But, we’re told RIM is fully active in doing everything they can to get the Thunder launch-ready, even putting it above the Bold in terms of prioritizing.”

Yikes! Since the Thunder may be available so soon after the Bold, I face the same dilemma as the character in the Lovin Spoonful song Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind. Though my choice, between BlackBerry devices rather than women, is safer, as my wife continually reminds me.

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