BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G

iphone3gblackberrybold1BoyGenius Report (the source of the picture) has posted its comparison of the BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone 3G. BGR’s verdict:

“The honest truth is that if we had to use only one of the two devices, we’d be happy enough with whichever one you gave us. We could deal with the email shortcomings on the iPhone, and we could deal with the improved but not incredible browser on the Bold. It really comes down to what you need more in a phone. While the Bold certainly has improved media and other consumer features, it really is a business device at the end of the day. The iPhone 3G is a consumer device that happens to play nice with a lot of corporations, and we honestly think you won’t find many people dropping their BlackBerrys for an iPhone. They’ll carry both as long as they can afford it.”

BGR’s verdict is accurate, and its comparison covers the key issues. However, I was a bit surprised that BGR did not comment on the iPhone’s battery not being removable. This is a show stopper for me. I find that, with 3G radios, BlueTooth, etc., my battery may not last the entire day without a charge. However, I’m not always where I can charge easily. With a BB, I just pop in an extra battery I have with me. No can do with the iPhone.

Update: BGR has posted a BlackBerry Bold browser walk through. The browser is one area where the iPhone is superior to the Bold (and probably every other competitor). As the BGR walk through shows, the Bold may not have completely closed the gap, but the gap is closer.

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