Another SlimBlade Mouse

K72330US-18703New Mouse in the House! told you about my Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Mouse. It’s not a Bluetooth mouse. Instead, it uses a small USB wireless dongle.

The USB connection caused issues. Vista Mouse Blues told you about a Vista/USB issue. My GBM forum post explained that on my Dell Latitude XT the N-trig (capacitive touch) driver wouldn’t load if I restarted with the SlimBlade dongle in. (Apparently the N-trig hardware interfaces with the motherboard by way of an internal USB port). The solution is to remove the dongle before restarting, and then plug it in, but too often I forget, and have to restart again. Additionally, when I convert the tablet to tablet mode, the dongle sticks out like a sore thumb.

Yet, I do like the SlimBlade. It’s … slim. That makes it easy to slip into a gadget bag, or even a sleeve case. It also has auto-sleep and other battery saving features. And it doubles as a presenter!

The SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse just became available. It looks and functions the same as its USB wireless sibling except it’s Bluetooth, so no dongle issues. Pairing is simple, and it starts and keeps its BT connection well. So it’s the newest edition to my gadget bag.

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