BlackBerry Maximus

blackberrymaximus I was watching a documentary about the Roman Empire on my favorite History Channel. The gladiator on the right looked familiar. I then realized that I need to stop pining for the BlackBerry Bold and Thunder and return to grim reality.

Seriously, the picture is from the CrackBerry article BlackBerrious Maximus. (Hmmm … just who is losing their grip on reality?). The article’s focus is on just how much you really can do with a BlackBerry. Try doing this stuff with a pretty but locked-down iPhone; no way.

Of course, the vast majority of consumers may respond: “I don’t care.” Many I’ve spoken with just want a phone where the few other operations they try (texting, browsing) are easy to use. The iPhone is all that. (Though its battery really should be removable, don’t you think?). So I guess it depends on your audience.

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