S-XGen … Say What?

sxgen_garmin_gps Seamless Wi-Fi‘s S-XGen (pictured) has been announced for pre-order for a cool $1195. Its specs (a PDF) include a Windows Mobile 6 OS, a 4″ VGA touchscreen, 520MHz Intel PXA270 processor, 256MB SDRAM – 64 MB Flash memory, 20 GB hard drive, triband GSM, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB client, SD/MMC slot, 1.3-megapixel webcam and GPS. Its claims to fame are  Garmin Mobile XT maps for the GPS and, well, that folding keyboard.

The following post on pocketables.net sums up my reaction:

“Why would anyone buy this? It’s basically an HTC Advantage with flip open keyboard and no 3G support. Can’t I get the same functionality by adding a bluetooth keyboard to the Advantage without having to drag this monstrosity around? Talk about late to market! 5 years ago this would have been interesting, but today, it’s almost laughable.”

Maybe I’m missing something. I just don’t get why this device would be preferred over the HTC Advantage, which dating back to the x7500 is no spring chicken itself. Comments?

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