I Must Have Power!!!

apctoxt Don’t worry. I’m not planning to follow my namesake and conquer the world (my CPA warned me that would put me in a higher tax bracket). Instead, this post is about my need at time for additional battery power for my Tablet PCs. The batteries on many portables only last a few hours at best, and an electrical outlet isn’t always convenient, trustworthy or even available.

I’ve mentioned before that I post a lot (as GenghisKhent naturally) on the GottaBeMobile forums. I’ve just posted a review on the APC UPB90 Battery Slice, shown pictured connected to a portable device. While my review compares the UPB90 to a proprietary Dell battery slice for the Latitude XT, I believe that my review comments would apply if you use other portable devices. Generally, your choice will be between a battery slice that is dedicated (i.e., proprietary) to a given device vs. a battery slice like the UPB90 that is universal, that is, will work with most portable devices. Like life, this choice involves trade-offs, which the review attempts to identify. I hope you find the review useful.

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