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iphoneIn No iPhone For Me I told you why I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon and buy an iPhone 3G. But a few days ago I went and did it. I bought an iPhone 3G.

You’re probably used to politicians going back on their word, but may be thinking “If I can’t trust a mobile barbarian, who can I trust?” Well, permit me to justify explain. Two things happened.

First, my BlackBerry 8700c fell into a sink full of water. Don’t ask how. Let’s just say I’m coordinationally challenged. And while berries benefit from water, BlackBerries (and other mobile devices) do not. So I needed another device.

I didn’t want to buy another 8700c since the BlackBerry Bold is right around the corner. However, the Bold isn’t available just yet either. Yet, I might have resisted the siren song of the iPhone 3G except …

The same weekend as my 8700c entered its watery grave, I was consoling myself by reading my feeds on Google Reader using my Dell Latitude XT. The XT’s screen is beautifully readable, and I love its capacitive touch and the multi-touch. The screen (protected by a screen protector of course) is very responsive to finger scrolling, and multi-touch enables me to zoom in and out by flicking my fingers. Of course, the iPhone also has capacitive touch and the multi-touch, as well as that beautifully readable 3.5″ screen.

I also rationalized reasoned that (1) I would be trying this phone out for my wife and (2) the iPhone 3G is a hot mobile device topic and having it would make it easier for me to write about it. So bright and early 7:30 am Monday morning, I arrived at the local Apple store, expecting a large line. I was the second person. By 8:00 am when the doors opened, there only were 5 people in line. There were more salespersons than customers. So I bought the iPhone 3G, a sleeve case and a screen protector, and I was out the door within 30 minutes.

I’ve only played with the iPhone 3G for a few days. Here are my initial reactions:


– The 3.5″ screen is wonderfully readable.
– Capacitive and multi-touch makes navigation and zooming a piece of cake. Indeed, I can use it one-handed like a BlackBerry.
– The device is very responsive.


– Battery life is poor, a circumstance aggravating by the battery not being removable.
– I can sync email, contacts and calendar with my Exchange Server, but not tasks! What’s up with that?
– Apple’s locking down of the device is frustrating. Even installing a custom ringtone not bought through the iTunes store requires gyrations.

As I said, these are my initial reactions. I will write more when I have more time to play with the iPhone. For as long as I am able too; my wife already is eyeing it enviously. Yes, I could tell her no, but there is the ancient Chinese adage: “Never anger someone who can kill you in your sleep.”

5 Responses to “iPhone 4Me”

  • Finally — you have seen the light!

  • Okay…now you’ve done it. You’ve just lost what last few ounces of respect I had for you. I’ll be interested to hear your opinion on how productive you are with the keypad. Having come from a chiclet-type keyboard like a Blackberry to all touch-screen, how effective are you?

  • LOL. I’m getting it from two directions. Laurie is my dean at the college. David is my friend (I think) and co-author on several of my books.

    Contrary to Laurie, I have not seen the MacLight. Rather, the iPhone, with its capacitive and multi-touch screen, is a one of kind so far for PDA/Phones, much like my Dell Latitude XT is among Tablet PCs.

    To answer David’s question, like many things in life, it’s a trade-off. Yes, it’s nice to have the hardware keyboard. But it’s also real nice to have that extra screen real estate. The latter seems more meaningful to me. But I am not a big texter. If I were, I might evaluate the trade-off differently.

  • Welcome to the dark side! I got mine last month. Coming from the HTC Apache, the keyboard takes a little getting used to. I think the size tradeoff is worth it though, especially with the great text-fixer. I found my battery life improved with use, enough to where I can keep BT on and set pull email to 15 mins. There are some great free apps out there – haven’t had a need for paid ones yet. Enjoy!

  • What’s this world coming to if you leave Microsoft (Windows Mobile) to join the dark side? I haven’t fooled yet with the predictive text but it looks pretty neat based on the video of this feature on YouTube. I keep hoping for better battery life while I’m freeloading on the free apps!

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