BlackBerry Maximus, Part II


BlackBerry Maximus was inspired by the CrackBerry article BlackBerrious Maximus, which focused on how much you really can do with a BlackBerry. My comment at the time: “Try doing this stuff with a pretty but locked-down iPhone; no way.”

CrackBerry must have heard me (virtually). It now has published the sequel BlackBerrius Maximus – part II – The Airport. The thrust of this article is how the writer, while waiting in an airport lounge, dismantled the pride of an iPhone user with a BlackBerry vs. iPhone comparison. The battery — both removability and life — was only one of the issues. Interesting reading, though the iPhone was not well represented in the comparison. For example, nary a mention of that large, superbly readable screen.

In the meantime, while I do have an iPhone, I still don’t have a Bold, which may have been delayed again in the U.S. Perhaps I’ll wait for the Thunder, or Storm, or whatever they’ll call it.

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