Bold vs. Storm … Decision Time


The Bold will be available on November 4, just a couple of days from now. But I’ve decided to get the Storm, which will be available later this month. The larger (3.25″ vs. 2.6″) screen is the deciding factor. I use my device a lot for accessing the Internet. Viewing the Internet on a 2.6″ screen is difficult for my aging eyes. Perhaps denser pixels (480 x 320) makes up for the small display, but I doubt it. Size is size. The iPhone 3G opened my eyes to the difference a larger screen makes in viewing a web page. As an added bonus, the Storm’s screen is capacitive like the iPhone, and while slightly smaller (3.25″ vs. 3.5″), has more pixels (480×360 vs. 480×320).

I thought about buying a Bold also, to replace my aging but still working 8700c. However, having 2 Blackberries really doesn’t make sense, even for me. Also, I can change the data plan for the SIM on my 8700c to work with a Windows Mobile device or a MID. Nevertheless, I will check out the Bold at a local AT&T store to see how well the denser pixels makes up for the small display. I’ll let you know.

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