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In Bold vs. Storm … Decision Time I told you that I decided to buy the Storm and probably would pass on the Bold. However, I thought further (always dangerous) and decided to replace my aging 8700c with the Bold.

I did not buy the Bold through AT&T because I was going to use the SIM in my 8700c for the Bold (the 8700c relegated to a drawer as a back-up). So instead I bought the Bold unlocked through my usual source for GSM phones, the aptly named GSM PhoneSource, through which I have probably bought close to a dozen phones, always with a good experience. If you call them, ask for Adam, with whom I always deal.

I am very impressed with the Bold. Here are my initial impressions.

First and foremost, the screen is incredibly vivid because of its Half VGA 480 x 320 display resolution. I still wish the 2.6″ screen were larger. However, reading emails is a cinch. I also can view websites and Google Maps without zooming, even though my reading vision is not the greatest.

Second, typing on the keyboard is very easy, even for my fat fingers. The Bold keyboard looks much like other Blackberry keyboards, but the differences, while subtle, make typing much easier.

Third, the Bold is very responsive. While the Bold does not have the Storm’s touch screen, the trackball (the silver button in the center) makes navigation very easy, and the Bold’s 624 MHz processor and 128MB RAM (+ 1GB ROM) is ample.

I haven’t played much yet with the software. However, the Voice Dialing application is quite similar to the highly useful Microsoft Voice Command on Windows Mobile devices, and the Documents To Go software enables viewing of PDF files, long a bane on a Blackberry.

In short, the Bold is far superior to the prior Blackberries of its form factor. And did I say the screen is incredible?

I may yet get the Storm. My wife already has laid her covetous eyes on the Bold to replace her HTC Touch Cruise, which she “liberated” from me some months ago. Her main reason for liking the Bold is her near vision is not great but (not to beat a dead horse) she can read the Bold’s incredible screen. I’ll keep you posted on the Storm front.

Update: I pre-ordered the Storm from my local Beast Best Buy. The rep said they should receive the device November 16 (a Sunday) or the 17th and then would call me to come to the store and pick up the device (and sign a Verizon contract).

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