The Storm joins the Bold

blackberriusmaximusstormLike this picture from Crackberry, I now have the Storm and the Bold. Don’t worry, I’m not going to carry both in my pocket. The Bold is going to my wife Devvie.

Devvie chose the Bold for a reason I would not have immediately thought of. The Storm’s screen is capacitive like the iPhone’s and the G1, not resistive like Windows Mobile devices. Devvie has long fingernails. Fingernails don’t register on a capacitive screen; fingers do. With her nails, she has trouble using her fingers. By contrast, fingernails act like a stylus on a resistive screen. Similarly, she has an easier time typing on the Bold’s hardware keyboard than the Storm’s software keyboard.

I would have been happy with either device. They are both beautiful. While this exposes my geekhood, it’s like choosing between two beautiful women. Nevertheless, while my choice was made for me, some of you may have to make a choice.

I had planned this post to provide some comparisons so you could make a choice. However, “technical difficulties” got in the way. Specifically, I use a hosted Exchange Server at AppRiver that includes a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). The BES pushes your Exchange Server email to your Blackberry. It also enables two-way synchronization, over the air (OTA), your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks between your Blackberry and your Exchange Server.

Enabling this two-way synchronization requires something called Enterprise Activation. The problem was my repeated attempts at Enterprise Activation kept failing after the Calendar synchronized. You can read the entire long, sad, but ultimately successful story on my thread Enterprise Activation Hangs on the Crackberry forums. While there were problems on AppRiver’s BES, I give kudos to their technical support for their help.

Anyway, the time this diversion took means I’m way behind. So my comparison post likely will have to wait until the long weekend. Assuming I can wrest the Bold from Devvie long enough.

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  • Well I will be curious to here your input on the Storm vs. Bold. This is my first post here at Mobile Barbarian and I haven’t gone too far back into your mobile history. Obviously by the title of this thread you and Devvie are currently crackberrians. But one could assume by your dual device carrying barbarian (BB & iPhone) that you have carried others in your history. I have yet myself ventured into the land of smartphones (as a 45 yo biz owner on the go I still ask myself why not) but I love the RF on my meager Moto E815. Though I have been tracking the likes of the Storm and the iPhone like I have stock options in them (fortunately atm I do not). But alas my chaotic life has put me in a position to be “more connected”.

    Having never owned a smartphone my brain doesn’t favor the BB OS, WinMo or Apple. I am a guy who leans towards stability so I feel I would favor BB or Apple. So there I am, a “donkey between 2 bales of hay” I once heard a famous blogger say! I’m out of contract with Big Red and leaning back towards AT&T (actually had Tingluar back in the TDMA days). The carriers all have their Pro’s & Con’s, which bale will I decide to eat from….

  • Hi Stonewall. You’re right. Actually I’ve used Windows Mobile more than Blackberry. And I’ve also used Symbian, the iPhone, etc.

    For your decision, let me make this suggestion. Assuming the competing carriers have basically the same quality coverage, base your decision on which phone best meets your needs. Don’t worry about the OS. They are converging when it comes to capabilities and functionality. Instead, focus on the form factor of the phone. Overall size? Screen size? Hardware keyboard, and if so, on the face of the device, or a slide out? Hopefully I’m explaining this well. Please let me know if you have questions.

  • Thx GK,

    It makes a world of sense. Short of just getting a contract with every carrier and trying phones out until I find the one that best fit’s my needs. In short though I am excited to get thru the 1st half of January and see what WWDC and CES reveal. At the end of January I plan to have some new technogadget in hand and hopefully not so physically tied to the office anymore.

    Thx again GK

  • There really are only 2 carriers I consider: AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile just doesn’t seem to have the coverage, and Sprint seems on its way out. The only advantage to AT&T is that more cutting edge phones work for it than Verizon simply because of worldwide adoption of GSM vs. CDMA.

    There also really aren’t that many different form factors for a business-class phone. Once you decide on a form factor, I really don’t think there will be that many choices.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions/comments. Jeff

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