A New Year

RedCross Sorry for not posting for a while. In addition to the usual life stuff, and wrapping up a semester by giving and grading final exams, my wife Devvie and I have been coordinating the care of her mom (and my mother-in-law) Rachel, first reported in Windows Mobile in the Hospital. 

It’s been a long and hard journey, especially for Rachel. She spent 2 months in ICU, enduring (just to list the most serious issues) pneumonia and (fortunately temporary) kidney failure.

Fortunately, Rachel, with the help of some wonderful doctors and nurses at UCLA/Ronald Reagan Hospital, overcame these life-threatening problems. Indeed, about 10 days ago Rachel was well enough to be transferred to a respiratory hospital so she can receive, for her remaining respiratory issues, care and treatment more specialized than available on the general hospital floor. There still is a ways to go, but to quote Winston Churchill, it is at least the end of the beginning.

I’m now wrapping up grading of final exams, and will be posting shortly on my impressions of the Blackberry Storm.

2 Responses to “A New Year”

  • Happy New Year to you! Welcome back. The Reagan Hospital supposed to be World Class. I hope she will recover soon.

  • Thanks Anthony. The hospital is world class, as are its doctors and nurses. The hospital is very high tech too. Information from monitors fed directly into computer system rather than read by staff. VOIP phones, including portables used by nurses, so WiFi all over the place. Free WiFi for patients and families. But all this said, a hospital is still a hospital. And if you’re a patient, you still need family there.

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