Webcam Love

quickcamnotebook My wife Devvie has been going through a lot with her mom’s hospitalization. I help her the best I can (I need all the husband points I can get). However, last Monday I had to leave for a 3 day business trip. I thought it might be nice if, when we spoke to each other each evening, we could also see each other. Accordingly, I bought two Logitech web cams, the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks (pictured) and the QuickCam Pro 9000. I then set up “his and hers” Skype accounts.

This setup worked fine. My hotel and our home each has a broadband connection for Skype. The video quality was surprisingly good. So was the audio. Both webcams include integrated microphones, and we could hear each other just fine over the laptop speakers.

There was one funny moment. Whether due to a poor connection or an insufficient processor, the video of my wife froze while she was making a face at me. I quickly took advantage and used the QuickCam software to shoot a picture which I sent to her with the threat to sell it to our students as desktop wallpaper. Fortunately for me, she couldn’t deliver a virtual punch through Skype. As I said, I need all the husband points I can get.

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