[Rosa (pictured) is not even 30 yet but has worked with me for over 10 years. Here are her unedited thoughts on the iPhone 3G she got over the holidays.]


I do not consider myself a gadget freak, or even gadget savvy. But I can’t help but be frustrated with my new iPhone 3G.

The iPhone is cute and fun! I can play games, surf the web, watch YouTube, read my mail, take notes, take pictures, check traffic, etc! It seems endless! Key word: “seems.”

It is not the great micro machine I thought it would be.

First of all, anything running on flash is not compatible with the iPhone. That means all those web sites with live streaming, video demos, animation bits, TV show episodes, movies, etc. You will NOT be able to access. FORGET IT! NO WAY AROUND IT! To watch anything in full you will have to go through iTunes. Prepare to have your wallet handy.

Also, surfing the web will just bring you wipe-outs! It is difficult to impossible to run multiple searches. Patience is necessary. One search at a time!

Lastly, iPhone specificity. You will come across web sites who will prompt you to choose the iPhone version of their site. That translates to, limited access.

Overall a cute little machine (with capabilities) lacking the killer instinct! Make sense?

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