Top 10 Hate List

BoyGeniusReport recently posted The top 10 things we hate about the iPhone. Perhaps to avoid claims of bias, BGR now has posted The top 10 things we hate about the BlackBerry. But no list for Windows Mobile? Where’s the love hate?

3 Responses to “Top 10 Hate List”

  • There aren’t enough Windows Mobile users to come up with a list of top 10 things they hate about the phone, other than the obvious “Start” menu button. Why on Earth do you still need a Start menu on a mobile device?

  • David, you better not let your overseers in Redmond know that you’re dissing WinMo. Of course, my silence can be purchased cheaply.

    Seriously, the WinMo OS is overdue for a major overhaul. Then again, the RIM OS is also. Perhaps the Android and the Palm Pre will motivate them. Probably not. Latest reports is the WinMo 6.5 won’t be until 3rd quarter, with WinMo 7 who knows? As for an overhaul of the RIM OS, nary a word from up North.

  • Rim just upgraded their os to 4.5, right before the Bold came out.. It’s the OEM OS for the Bold, so you already have it.. That being said, it was a decent upgrade that (finally) allowed HTML email, an upgraded media player, youtube streaming, amongst a few other things.. a list of non-carrier specific for each model is here

    That being said, it’s not the OS update that RIM is really going to want to do if they want to get put into a category with the iPhone or other, more young user friendly phone manus.

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