OQO Model 2+ Test Drive

imageThe OQO Model 2+ was featured in The MID is dead. Long live the MID! UMPC Portal has posted OQO 2+ One week Round-Up. The author, Chippy, was lucky enough to be table to test drive the Model 2+ for a week. If you’re considering this device — and I am — this article is an excellent read on what may be the only pocketable business-class laptop.

Chippy’s take is that the Model 2+ is a powerful performer with an amazing screen. His criticisms mostly are not of the device but of issues inherent with a small device. The 800 x 480 display resolution can require horizontal scrolling on some websites, but any higher could be hard to read on the 5″ screen. The keyboard is well constructed, but given its small size, touch typing is out, thumb typing is in. The only question mark is battery life, though I believe the double capacity battery could take care of that issue.

I’m looking forward to other test drives, including by my friend Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile next month or so. in the meantime, Rob, I and others are discussing the Model 2+ on the GottaBeMobile forums.

Of course, there are other MIDs. Chippy has links to them in an article appropriately titled The Other Intel MIDs.

2 Responses to “OQO Model 2+ Test Drive”

  • I have owned an OQO Model 02 for the past two years. My only complaints have been:

    1. processor speed (sometimes only), but mine is the VIA chip, so upgrading now to the Intel Atom should improve that dramatically.

    2. screen size too small for practical business use. i bought it intentding tablet use and for ultimate portability. the portability is fantastic, but the screen really hurts eyes if you try to do more than 30 minutes of work on it, and it can’t fit enough into the screen without scrolling (you can zoom down to technically do it, but then you can’t read it). if your intended uses are just web browsing and multimedia, then this is unbeatable device. if, like me, you want to do extended work and/or tablet, then it works functionally great, but screen size is too small for practical uses in that way. btw, the digitizer is active!

    personally, i am about to buy a fujitsu 8.9 inch tablet to replace my oqo. the 8.9 inch screen size is much more practical for my uses, but still portable (albeit not as portable as my oqo). if you do get the oqo, make sure you get the following accessories: docking station; extra power adapter; car/plane adaptor; extended battery; metal carry case.

  • Hi chicagoguy. Excellent post! I guess we are going in opposite directions on these two device form factors. Thanks for the pointers on the accessories.

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