MID on Life Support?

I’ve blogged a lot recently about MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), The MID is dead. Long live the MID! just being one article. However, it appears that the MID, while not dead, may be on life support.  MIDs and Moblin. Where do we go now? and I Told You So: MID Development Delayed By Netbooks report that MIDs may be delayed until next year (or forever) due to the popularity of netbooks.

I don’t believe this delay will affect the OQO Model 2+. Rather, it will impact on the MIDs which are consumer devices with a “light” OS like Linux and optimized for web surfing and media.

Chippy, the author of MIDs and Moblin. Where do we go now?, hasn’t given up hope that we may be seeing some MIDs soon. He knows more about MIDs than I do. However, I wonder if his optimism is just wishful thinking based on his love of MIDs. After all, his website is UMPCPortal. However, whether MIDs go forward any time soon will be based not on gadget-love but instead on a cold economic calculation. I suspect that poor current economic conditions make it less likely that a business will take a chance on a form factor not yet really tested in the market.

It looks like my HTC Advantage will have a longer shelf life, as least on my shelf. jkOnTheRun just posted Mobile Tech Minutes: HTC Advantage revisited, which includes a video of how he uses the device. It’s obvious from his post and video that James shares my high opinion of the HTC Advantage. Given the delays in MIDs, we both better like it.

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