Storm Day

maximusstormBlackBerrius Maximus – Part VIII – All for One and One for All (from which the picture is taken) is the latest installment of a CrackBerry series I’ve written about before. This latest installment was inspired by the author’s self-challenge: "what if I didn’t use anything that was electronic for an entire day – except my BlackBerry Storm?" He used the Storm for the obvious tasks, such as email, web browsing and viewing Microsoft Office documents. However, he also was able to use the Storm with his Slingbox, TV, and DVD, and to play Internet radio.

Interesting article. Of course, a similar article could have been written about a Windows Mobile device, or the iPhone 3G. But the point is that BlackBerry is not known for being a media device. Rather, its reputation is as a business device. However, the Storm, with its large touch screen, similar to Windows Mobile devices and the iPhone 3G, may be changing that.

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