Bad Java


Picture Credit: Coder Journal

How to Remove Old & Dangerous Versions of Java explains: “Sun Java has become a popular attack target for hackers and criminals as it can be found on almost every PC. Sun have responded by regularly releasing new versions that patch newly discovered vulnerabilities. Unfortunately when you install a new version of Java the old one is not deleted. Sun does this just in case some old applications won’t work with the latest Java version. In my experience, this is a rarity.”

The article suggests you use JavaRa (free) to remove the older (and vulnerable) versions of Java from your PC, and then use Secunia Software Inspector (also free) to confirm that you have removed the older versions of Java.

SSI also will check for old and vulnerable versions of other programs as well. It found missing security patches for Vista and IE 7, plus updates for various Adobe and Apple applications.

SSI is web-based. Its makers also offer a free (for personal use) Windows application, Secunia PSI 1.0, that apparently will check more applications than SSI. However, I noticed that each seemed to catch something the other didn’t. So on the theory of “belt and suspenders”, I run both until 0 problems are reported.

Hope this helps Mobile Barbarian readers be safer in the Wild West that is the Internet.

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