Bold vs. Storm

bold_storm_comparison CrackBerry’s BlackBerrius Maximus – Part IX – Function over Form concerns the author’s internal debate as to whether to keep his BlackBerry Bold or Storm. To me, it’s like having to choose between two wonderful but different women. (OK, I’m a geek, live with it).

Anyway, the author ultimately decides on … well, why ruin the suspense? Read the article.

(BTW, and also not to ruin the suspense, I would have decided differently. However, as the author correctly observes, the choice between these two great devices is inherently subjective).

2 Responses to “Bold vs. Storm”

  • Hey Jeff, long time no see 😛 Well, I finally pulled the trigger today on an iPhone (or should I say iNoob?) I feel kinda guilty promoting Apple products here, but the darn thing is actually pretty good. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your stuff 😛

  • Hi Sadai! It has been a while. Email me off line regarding how things are going for your brother and you. (For my readers, Sadai and his brother are former students, and excellent ones).

    But an iPhone? I thought I taught you well?

    Just kidding. Sort of anyway 🙂 The iPhone is a nice device, particularly if you’re into media stuff, which I’m not, but you may be. Enjoy it! And keep in touch.

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