SDHC Memory Cards Demystified

sdhc_4gbI use Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards (or their mini or micro siblings) in a range of devices. I understand storage; 8GB stores twice as much as 4GB. But I have little understanding of speed ratings like Class 2, 4 or 6.

Tom’s Hardware, my primary source of information on hardware, demystifies SDHC memory cards, and compares cards from different manufacturers, in 13 SDHC Memory Cards Reviewed : SD Memory Cards for Professionals. The conclusion? Well, I don’t want to promote reader laziness. Read the article 🙂

Source (including picture): Mobile Devices Today

2 Responses to “SDHC Memory Cards Demystified”

  • never liked this little cards, they are just too small for me, i like to use external hard drive, i got a 1tb one and still didn’t even filled it up half way:)

  • Hi Alex. I hear what you’re saying. I also use external HDDs, currently the Seagate FreeAgent. However, the advantage of the SDHC is convenience, saving you from having to bring yet another device. Also, in small work areas (i.e., your tray table on a plane), an external HDD can be problematic.

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