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Valentine’s Day was earlier this month. My wife Devvie subtly hinted that she wanted a Kindle 2. Devvie not so subtly reminded me not to repeat my red Dustbuster gift of a few Valentine’s Days ago. (If you don’t know, the Kindle 2 is pictured on the left and the Dustbuster on the right. Then again, if you don’t know that, this article probably won’t help you). So I ordered it (it being the Kindle 2, not the Dustbuster; I do learn from my mistakes). Actually, I ordered 2. I am a gadget guy, and wanted to see for myself what all the fuss is about.

Both Kindle 2’s arrived last Tuesday. I had a really busy week so I haven’t had time yet to play much with mine. However, Devvie loves hers! While Devvie is a professor of computer science, she’s really not that interested in gadgets, her focus being programming, not hardware. However, Devvie loves to read.

The Kindle 2 does not have a backlit screen. Since Devvie likes to read in bed and I have trouble falling to sleep if mightybright she leaves the bedside lamp on, I bought her the Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light pictured on the left. It’s only $12.95, and it’s quite good. I recommend it.

I’d also recommend a cover to protect your expensive Kindle 2 (which does not come with a case). I bought Devvie the Amazon Kindle 2 Leather Cover. Just to be different, I bought the Patagonia Book Case for Kindle 2 to protect my Kindle 2. I like both covers.

I’ll write more about the Kindle 2 when I’ve had the time to play more with it. However, I’ve already used the Kindle 2 to rehearse an oral argument that I gave in a case before the California Second District Court of Appeal during the week (I said it was a busy week). In that vein, I plan to write about using the Kindle 2 to store and read work papers (letters, legal briefs, etc.), especially those not already in a Kindle readable format. Until then …

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  • haha i dont know about reading books on that little thing cause when i read books on my pc my eyes get tired really soon, on the other hand its better if you travel somewhere and dont want to drag with yourself all those books you like. i wouldn’t dare t give my gf or future wife a dust buster cause i would probably find it flying towards my head, i don’t think women like to get home appliance for valentines day:)

  • Hi Alex. The Kindle is far more convenient than a PC for reading. Much lighter, smaller, no boot up time, no worries about battery life. I think the lack of a back light actually helps the tired eyes issue. I’m not saying I’m sold on the Kindle, just that it has its advantages.

    As for your hesitancy to give your GF or future wife a dust buster, no guts, no glory! 🙂

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