The (HTC) Road Ahead

HTC makes many of the Windows Mobile phones. HTC used to make phones which then were sold under another brand. However, in recent years HTC has been selling phones under its own name.

Coming to America – Large Screen WinMo Phones discussed two upcoming large screen HTC phones, the Touch Pro 2  and its sibling, the Touch Diamond 2. However, there are three other large screen HTC phones just a bit further back in the pipeline. Given their August- September 2009 availability, they’re almost sure to have a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS or at least be upgradeable to 6.5. This article will summarize the information in the following articles:


whitestoneThis 3.6" WVGA display is going to Verizon, but it may be a World Edition, with dual-mode GSM/CDMA support. Under the hood: 528 MHz Qualcomm 7600 processor, 512MB of ROM and 256MB RAM.  Interestingly, this device has a kickstand to prop it up for easier viewing. 

This device is an option since, with my BlackBerry Storm, I’m now a VZW Wireless customer. However, I’m also an AT&T Wireless customer (my small contribution to stimulating the economy), so another option is the …


firestone This GSM only device (hence my mention of AT&T) may be the successor of the HTC Touch HD. The Firestone has the same 3.6" WVGA display and memory as the Whitestone. Another is its processor is more powerful, the 600 MHz Qualcomm 8250. The Firestone also is the first HTC device to have an 8-megapixel autofocus camera (the camera in the other two devices is 5 megapixels). Per Analysis of HTC Leak, Part 2: “… the Whitestone eschews the Firestone’s touch sensitive buttons for actually physical buttons on the bottom (notice the gap/spacing between the buttons).”

While the Whitestone and Firestone appear to be competitors, the third and final device, while it can be used as a phone, really is more of a MID, and indeed one long familiar to me …


thoth The Thoth (named after an ancient Egyptian god BTW) is the successor to my my HTC x7500 Advantage (aka Athena) and the x7510. Its 4.8" WVGA screen is slightly smaller but has a higher display resolution than the Athena’s 5” VGA.  Memory is 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM. But the processor is a beast — the1GHz Qualcomm 8250 Snapdragon!

Since I already have a perfectly good phone (my BlackBerry Storm), my current focus is on the Thoth to replace my still serviceable but aging Athena.

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