More E-Readers Coming


2 Kindle 2 told you about our family’s purchase of the just-released Kindle 2. But at least two more soon-to-be-released e-readers are being displayed at CeBIT 2009. Like the Kindle 2, both will have some form of wireless connectivity. But unlike the Kindle 2, both are touchscreens,support commonly used formats (e.g, PDF, DOC) and have external SDHC storage.

Engadget’s BeBook 2 e-reader revealed and in the wild at CeBIT 2009! provides the first picture (the one on the left) of the upcoming (Summer maybe?) second version of the BeBook. Unclear if the wireless connectivity is WiFi, 3G or both. This touchscreen apparently also supports ink input. Also

Engadget’s Video: Hands-on with Onyx International’s Boox e-reader is naturally, an article and video on the Boox. Wireless connectivity is described at “Wi-Fi/CDMA 1XRTT/GPRS/3G (option).” Ink input may be supported: “Touch panel with full screen scribble.”

At first blush, the BeBook 2 seems the more impressive of these two devices. However, to be fair, there really isn’t a lot of information yet on either device as they are just being unveiled. I do like the touchscreen + inking, support of commonly used formats and external SDHC storage. I’ll be keeping an eye on these devices in the months to come.

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