Blackberry 9900 Pluto?

rogers-blackberry-9900 Blackberry 9630 Niagara told you about that upcoming model. New images of BlackBerry Niagra [sic] 9630 surface and First Device-On Photo of the BlackBerry 9630 show, well, new images of the 9630.

But maybe the 9630 is already old news.

Exclusive: BlackBerry 9900 – Touchscreen BlackBerry Bold! (the source of the picture) speculates that the 9900, aka Pluto, will be the long-rumored Bold/Storm “Franken-Berry” with the Bold’s form factor but the Storm’s SurePress touchscreen. 

It’s not clear if the 9900/Pluto is for real, or just a figment of someone’s imagination or Photoshop. See BoyGeniusReport’s skepticism and CrackBerry’s response.

The Pluto is (rumored to be) slated for release in the third quarter by the Canadian carrier Rogers. Which means it’s a GSM device that also can be used (unlocked) on the AT&T network in the US. If it’s for real.

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