Yet Another Bluetooth Speakerphone

jabraSP700 BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone told you about my current Bluetooth speakerphone. Another Bluetooth Speakerphone told you about an upcoming competitor, the Sony Ericsson SE AB900.

Meet the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone (pictured). Mobile Gadget Spotlight: Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone reviews this device. Like the Supertooth 3, the SP700 has voice prompts. Like the AB900, the SP700 is capable of routing sound through your car’s stereo system using the SP700’s built-in FM transmitter. Unlike the Supertooth 3, the SP700 connects to your car’s sun visor using a wire clip which the Mobile Gadget Spotlight article criticizes as cheap and flimsy.

Jabra is one of the top brands of Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones. Indeed, I previously used the Jabra SP5050 speakerphone. The SP5050 provided good service for its time until it was “nationalized” by my wife. By the way, the SP5050 also used a cheap, flimsy wire clip to connect to the sun visor.

The SP5050 is available now. Newegg lists it for $58.99. It’s another viable choice if you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speakerphone.

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